Top 12 Things You Can Do To Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Game


No matter the temperature outside. If you have a killer back yard area people will love coming over to your house. So, adding some talking points and cool areas to hang out is important. Below is a list of 10 things you can consider when you are upping your outdoor entertaining game.

1) Create A Cool Seating Area(s)

Rocky Mountain Fireside Bench

-check out these other outdoor seating ideas

2) Never Go Wrong With A Cabana Or Two

Dreamy DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge

3) Add A Fire Pit

4) Create A Succulent Garden

5) Use Old Pallets As To Build Chairs & Other Furniture

6) Use Wine Bottles As Tiki Torches

Single 375 ml Glass Wine Bottle Tiki Torch - Gift for Mom - Outdoor Lighting - Gift for Dad - Backyard Decor - Modern Lighting - Garden Gift
You can get 375 ml Glass Wine Bottle Tiki Torch’s from Amazon!

7) Water Features Are Fun

8) Shade Sails Add An Extra Cool Touchsun shade sail, outdoor shading ideas, shade outdoor areas

Sun Shade Sails always add an extra cool element

Adding a Sun Shade Sail will really set your back yard apart and give your guests a good hiding spot from the rays without your having to put umbrellas everywhere. These Shades will give you a much more upscale look.

9) Add Lights Under Umbrellas

Hey first off, there is nothing wrong with a good poolside or outdoor umbrella. Not everyone can have a sun shade sail. But, If you do have umbrellas in your back yard there are some great ways you can put them to use at night by buying umbrella lights. Yes, this is a real thing. There are a few options that existing. You can get them at any hardware store or online. You can get these lights with remote controls, solar powered or styled to fit your back yard motif.

Below are some of the cooler options :

umbrella light, remote controlled lighting
Say Yes To Remote Controlled Everything
  • Okay, Now these are just fun! Vintage Lantern Lights that TWINKLE!

    vintage lights, umbrella lights,
    Vintage Lantern Looking Umbrella Lights

10) Create An Outdoor Kitchen Area

11) Add A Pergola

12) Hang A Bed Swing

13) Hanging Bulb Lights Create An Awesome Atmosphereoutdoor lighting, bulb lights, creative lighting ideas

Another awesome affordable lighting solution

Hanging Stringed Bulb Lights can really take the ambiance of your back yard up a notch. A few creatively placed strands will not over power the backyard, but will give you just enough light to allow you to not feel totally in the dark.


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