Man Cave Upgrades & Ideas To Put You At The Top Of The Leader Board

It’s a MAN CAVE. The more “hand crafted” the better! But, some things you may want to have the help of the pros. Others you can more than easily build and design yourself. However, the First thing you have to do is pick some kind of theme. When I say theme, I’m really just implying that you need to figure out if you are going to go more wood/rock or more all out college/pro sports team. But, We are going to say that a TV area is a must have and without it there is big No Go. But, Most of these components can be picked up off craigslist, letgo, or facebook marketplace.  Some you can buy pretty cheaply online. But, Check out our list below!

First Impressions are everything. And, the best way to set the tone for your Ultimate Man Cave is by having an awesome entrance. Go Big from the Start! 

  1. Sometimes it's as simple as adding a bookcase to a door.

    Hidden Entrance

    If anyone ever did this the right way, it’d be Batman. All the great man caves are protected. It’s your own fortress of solitude. Your boys club. Hidden Oasis.

    You can turn any door into a bookshelf, mirror, faux stone wall, pool cue holder, or even a rotating fireplace. Having a cool entrance is just too much fun to pass up.

    Your watering hole better be up to the challenge.

  2. Man Cave Design

    Turn your den into an ALL Tiki Paradise: You can very easily add some tiki elements to your man cave to help it go from blah to fun! Tiki Bars, Tiki chairs, stools, tables…Or If you feel froggy a FULL BLOWN Tiki Hut!  Bringing in elements of the south pacific is a fan favorite. Add a few tropical items and you have your own beach party local. Here are some how to plans that you help you up your tiki game. Check it out HERE!

  3. Man Cave Bar

Your manhood will be challenged if you man cave bar is not up to your buddies standards. A simple fridge will not do at all! Unless you want to never be the go to destination for the big game days or fights. The man with the best bar has the best friends. So, step it up! There are several things you can


do to make your man cave bar the best. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. As long as it is a unique and makes a statement of some kind will it be worthy. All you have to do is type in “home bars” into a search on craigslist and you will be presented more initial options then you can shake a bat at. Once you get a good piece to work from you can then start customizing it with you teams favorite colors. You can also builed you own from scratch using pallets or 2×4’s and fence dog ears.

4. Man Cave Game Area

man cave games, foosball table, man cave upgrades
Get A Super Fun Foosball Table

Say there is no Big Game, Or Half Time happens, The Game Itself gets stressful or better yet a blow out happens. You have to have something for you or your guests to do to pass the time. Drinking is great and all, but there is only so much of that you can do while you stare at each other. So, making sure you have at a least a few games is a good idea. Your DIY game area can include a dart board, a pool table, a card table, foos ball table, or maybe even a small putting green. It’s all about the show on the TV and in the room. So, don’t make a mistake by leaving this crucial area off your list of must haves.

5.Man Cave Lights

There are tons of options for lights. You can use old dark colored bottles or mason jars to give it a southern look. You can use old larger tin cans with bulbs placed in them. There are even cool looking bulbs that can be used that look like actual flames.

6.Man Cave Flooring Ideas

Now you don’t want to leave the regular cement floor do you? I didn’t think so. They get cold, look blah, and they can turn you man cave into an echo chamber. There are a few things you can do to spruce up the floors in your newly appointed man cave spot. Below we have them listed from easy to expert level:

Buy a few area rugs and place them around the floor.

    1. Find a large piece of carpet or two and cut them down to the size of the room.
    2. Install some prefab wood flooring from homedepot or lowes

    Any of those will help dress up the floor. It all depends on the effort and money you want to spend on them.

    7. Beer & Wine Storage

  1.   Who doesn’t eww and awww over someone’s wine cellar? Some of you who are lucky enough to have a closet in a basement that is
    U.S. Cooler Brew Cave

    surrounded by concrete are blessed to have a HUGE head start. Those of us who aren’t may need to consider other options. Did you know there are companies who make walk in coolers for homes? You can go to the other extreme and have a Brew Cave delivered to your home like pictured. They come in all kinds of colors, so you can order one pretty close to same color as your favorite team. They range from $4,000-$10,000 based on final specs. 

    8. Man Cave Liquor Cabinet

  2. Now you don’t have to get fancy with this. The only thing you better do is make sure you have a good selection and a few cool bottles. You can create some cool shelves using palletes or any spare wood you have hanging around. Let’s be real, the show isn’t the cabinet itself, it is what is in it. You can also snag some rope lights to place behind your bottles to give them a little more showmanship.


  1.  9. Memorabilia

Now this is the one thing you can crazy with or you can use it as an accent. We’ve all had things signed by our favorite head coaches or sports stars. So, the properly placed signed helmet or jersey can complete your man cave with a pledge of allegiance to your team and also a visual interest. And, if can also be a cool talking point for the “story” on how you got it.

10. Bar Signs

bar signs, man cave signs, mave cave decorations
Fun Man Cave Sign

You can use ones that are lighted or not. But, nothing is more fun that having a street sign or some kind of lighted bar sign to add an extra bit of fun to your man cave. Look we are all pretty much kids deep down. So, there is nothing like adding something that will give you the joy of getting a laugh or response out of your guest. That is the point of it all..right?

11. Fake ( Faux) Beams or Columns

faux beams, man cave upgrade ideas, fake wood beams
Cool Faux Wood Beams

Did you know you can buy fake beams to place on the ceiling of you man cave? These are GREAT to use to hide wiring or cords for your

faux wood columns, man cave ideas

TVs and surround system. ( remember we said TV area was a no brainer part to this?) You can also get fake wood columns to step up the manliness of your man cave. These two touches will next level the aesthetic of your man cave for sure! Plus, these both look relatively easy to install.

We hope you find this list useful in creating your ultimate man cave experience!




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