How To Create More Storage In Any Bathroom

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Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Often times it is hard to find the space you need to make your bathroom work. This is even harder to do when you live in an older home. And, sometimes to live in the most popular areas you have to give up on your new construction dreams. Or you may live in an apartment or condo. None the less, since we all tend to accumulate more than we throw away your bathroom often times becomes more cluttered faster than any other room. Plus, you use the bathroom more than any other room in your house. So, we have created a list of some bathroom storage ideas for you to use to easily create more space in your bathrooms.


  1. you can add additional floating shelves to any wall.
  2. add a floating shelf above your old toilet paper holder.
  3. install a towel bar and hang woven baskets to any wall for towel storage.
  4. add command hooks to the inside of cabinet doors.
  5. spice racks under your sink for medicine and small bottles.
  6. use shower caddies as shelving under your sink.
  7. place a two tiered fruit rack or pastry dish on your counter for more bathroom counter space.
  8. add a shelf above the main entry door.
  9. space racks can be used on walls for quick easy storage.
  10. you can use small plastic bins to make more room in drawers.

What else are we missing from our list of diy bathroom storage hacks?


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