Ideas To Up Your Bathroom DIY Project

Why is it that your bathrooms are normally the last places you touch but they are by far the most used spaces in your home. And, there are tons of great ways you make these spaces much more friendly and usable. But, Depending on age of your home you may not have all the storage and cool add-on’s that you really need. So, Here are a few bathroom DIY ideas that we think will help you up your bathroom game.

  1. Hand Painting Stencil Patterns On Your Bathroom Floor
The BEST and PRETTIEST Before & After DIY Home Decor Projects using Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils, Floor Stencils, and Furniture Stencils

2. Use Some Unique Wood Pieces To Create Warm Custom Looking Shelving and Storage

Source: Twelve On Main  

3. Install A Towel Warmer

Warm Up Your Towel As You Shower, Towel Warmer, Warm Bathroom Towels
Warmrails Towel Warmer

Don’t you love the way a towel feels straight out of the dryer? Us Too! But, who wants to run all way to the laundry room to retrieve it. And, nothing says it will actually be warm by the time your done with your shower or bath.  Now you can buy a towel warmer that you hang on your wall in your bathroom and plug into any general outlet.

4.Use Spice Racks To Create Storage

spice racks used in bathroom for storage, spice rack uses, best use of spice racks in the bathroom
source: Serena Kelly

5. Create A Nice Jewelry Display – Cork, Fabric, Then Frame

bathroom DIY project, bathroom update ideas, jewelry display, custom jewelry display, bathroom ideas
Source: Sunny Side Up Blog

6. Create Cool Storage For Your Hair Dryer and Other Hair Tools

towel rack cabinet, hair dryer storage, hair tools storage, bathroom storage
Hair Tool Organizing Cabinet Source: The Idea Room

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7. Create a Custom Wood Framed Mirror

wood framed wooden mirror, diy mirror, bahtroom mirror ideas

With all the options available these days, you can easily DIY your own bathroom on a budget without having to take your bathroom back to the studs. Let us know your bathroom diy tricks. We would love to hear all about them.


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